Our Services

Fields we specialize in:

  • Residential - Rentals, Sales and Purchase of Apartments, Villas, Houses, etc.
  • Commercial - Rentals, Sales and Purchase of Showrooms, Offices, Retail Space, Restaurants, etc.
  • Sourcing the most Investment-worthy properties.
  • Checking Legalities and verifying documents.
  • Liaising with owners.
  • Negotiating the most suitable terms.
  • Mediating between parties.
  • Checking Legalities and verifying documents.
  • Taking care of paper work, deeds, titles and registration.

Apart from the typical services like facilitating properties for rent, buying or selling, we offers a host of value added services:


Property Management:

Once a property is registered for Property Management Services, the service offering includes:

  • Collect and Deposit rent.
  • Paying property taxes.
  • Possession on vacancy of apartment / office space / house etc.
  • General Maintenance of the property (painting, refurbishing etc.)
  • Collection of TDS certificates.
  • A whole lot of value addition can be expected from DZire Realtors on the services front.

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